Hi, there!

This is FZWOELF, a website run by me.

I wanted to find a place where to practice and learn how to code and this platform gives me the freedom I currently need. still do not know what I am going to upload here, it is all new! It took me several hours just to create the very first two pages so content update will be slow. Probably tomorrow I will change everything, ha.

Anyways, I like to think that this is a learning- platform, a place where I can share and keep track of things that interest me. The name comes after this concept, as you all may know pressing F12 on the keyboard allows you to read the html code of a page. "Zwoelf" stands for "twelve" in german, a language that I studied for five years out of interest and not becauseforced to in school, so it reflects my entrepreneurial desire to independently learn, in this case coding.